Cheap but good Domain Names

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Cheap but good Domain Names

Post by Maurice Moss » Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:57 pm

What you want in a domain name is for it to be cheap, flexible and you want it to come with free WhoIs privacy.
Other than that it doesn’t really matter where it is in the world though in my considerable experience .com domains are best purchased from a company in America and your own country’s domain is best purchased from a company in your own country.

If you want to save time and just take my recommendations then as I am in the UK my two recommendations for these are:

For .com domain names (between 7 and 9 dollars)

For domain names (under a fiver)
Click on either picture to go right there.

We all know how it works, you get an idea then the first step is to think of a domain name for it and go get it. It’s fun to do, even if it turns out that you never do anything with it, it’s fairly harmless as domain names usually don’t cost that much. For your idea you’ll firstly need a .com domain so think of a good one, go to NameSilo and see if it’s free. If it’s a good name then it won’t be free but with a bit of imagination you can find one, try to stay away from anything that can be pluralized, that is for example if you want something like then people might forget it was MyWidget single and type in … so you’ll end up having to buy both domain names. Then if you want your country’s one you’ll have to also buy and so that’s four domain names you’ll need to buy!
Use a little imagination, what about: ? (I just checked, it’s taken!).

Beware offers that seem too good to be true.. Some may offer you the first year for a small price or even free but when you read the fine print there are conditions, such as you can’t transfer your domain away until the end of the ‘contract term’ watch out for those, best just to buy one for a small price with no strings attached.

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