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Teeth Whitening Gun

Is not actually a thing


New Raspberry Pi

Actually the new Pi is quite amazing, such a lot of computing power in such a small device, we will definitely have some info on it

Domain Names

Maurice wrote a little article on cheap but good domain purchases where you get flexibility and free WhoIs privacy.        

T-Shirt Bazooka

This is actually a thing, T-shirts are rolled up and shot out of a Bazooka into the crowd, they unfurl as they fly so as not to kill anyone :)

Cool Street Performer

There is actually some cool video of street performers posted in the community, we just can’t link directly to it yet without URL Rewriting

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So these bits will highlight the most interesting goings on.

Although it’s not necessarily ‘that’ interesting we are currently working on something called URL Rewrite which changes the way the URL looks and works in the browser. This is important because of things like saving a link to a post etc. and how search engines find us and such.

We want to make it as easy as possible to post media

So you’ve found an interesting and/or useful video, you could save a link to it somewhere, but where? Why not in our community then you do two things at once: 1) you save it for future you 2) you introduce it to others

Same principal for anything.

An interesting story that you’d like to share, some pictures that you took,  kinda like an online scrapbook, catalog that journey and put it on here to share, you can easily remember where it is:

How easy is it to include media in my posts?

Just find some media, like a YouTube video, play it, find it’s link and include that in your post... For example:

Room here for more interesting links

Ready, set, go!

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Definitely here because

Green is good.

Under Construction

And here:

Possibly here:

More interesting links here

Domain Names

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